Africa IN Team
by on April 1, 2022

Africa App Store

All the Applications that you download from the Google and Apple stores, or PlayStore and AppStore, are born in free APK files that can be downloaded by anyone on the net! You use them daily but have never wondered why you have to download them from them ?!

🔥If you have a TOP PROFILE or INFLUENCER PROFILE subscription on Africa IN Social Network, you can request the transformation of your social page on Africa IN into a mobile application for android and iOS, you can pay it 100% in E-Token or 50% in E-Token and 50% in Euros based on the package you choose!

🔴Your Social Page in the APP

Create your SOCIAL COMPANY PAGE on Africa IN Social NetWork for free and we will turn it into a Mobile App!

🔥We convert your page on Africa IN Social into a native mobile application for android and iOS smartphones, with apk files and valid certifications for uploading to the App Store!

VISIT AFRICA APP STORE https://www.africainsocial.online/africa-appstore/marketplace/

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